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Barbara Yaney Design Barbara Yaney Design
Illustrations Credits Dolls Premiums Plush
Coca-Cola Plush Polar Bear Christmas collection. Developed bean bag characters. Created product line of housewares and toys.
McDonalds Designed and developed bean bags using McDonald characters and the McNuggets.
AT&T National Democratic and Republican Party Convention plush bears.
Celine Dion Celine Dion doll collection
Victoria's Secret Teddys in Teddies
Hallmark The Yellow Box Collection
Russ Berrie Curious George
MTV/Nickelodeon Rugrats: Directional illustration for research.
CTW/Henson Associates Created endless designs using the muppet characters for plush toys, books and apparel.
Harley Davidson Signature plush bear collection. Exclusive Harley 100th Anniversary Bear collection.
Exclusive Toy Created collectible dolls featuring characters from the films Titanic and Grease, television's Babylon 5, Country Western music's Best of the West, as well as over fifty celebrity collectibles.
Save The Children Created the first Save the Children doll and licensed it to a major toy company with TV advertising. Designed cause-related bean bag dolls. Also designed related ceramics and plush.
Applause Muppet plush. Created their first doll collection. Created Pirouette, and their #1 best selling doll, Cicely, as well as many other dolls.
Grand Ole Opry Created Hooch and other characters which developed into a matrix of plush characters.
Lamb Chop Created the Shari Lewis Dolls; Lamb Chop in plush; toys and pre-school products and apparel.
U.S. Olympics Created Disney's Sam the Eagle as plush.
Precious Moments 4" dolls.
Avon Created Avon's soft doll collection, developed for Canada.
Disney Created the face and sculpture for The Little Mermaid doll, Ariel.
National Geographic Endangered species bean bag animals, packaging and management.


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